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We make it easy to efficiently expand and upgrade credential platforms.

For many organizations, initiating this change may seem daunting. J. O’Brien has the expertise and end-­to-­end capabilities to cover the scope of your credential platform upgrade. We partner with HID® to create a solution that makes this technology work for your organization’s specific needs. Upgrading to a new, more dynamic card platform can be much more secure than maintaining older, static technologies. When upgrading there are two approaches to choose from depending on your needs: changing readers or changing cards.

We also offer HID® mobile access integration – providing higher levels of authentication in physical access control.

Both options have advantages, and we will work with you to determine which method is the best fit for your organization. Once your implementation strategy has been decided upon, the transition to a more secure, functional system can begin. Your new HID® access card platform will also provide you with the ability to adapt to future requirements and give you the flexibility to stay up-to-date with new technology as it is released.

Changing Readers:

  • New readers will support both old, low-frequency and new, high-frequency technologies, enabling an organization to develop an upgrade plan where rebadging is done gradually rather than all at once.

  • New high-frequency cards are issued to new employees, and existing employees are given new cards as time and budget permit. 
  • This offers a single card solution, particularly useful in mixed technology environments.

Changing Cards:

  • This approach starts with a complete rebadging using multi-technology smart cards. Readers are replaced gradually, as time and budget allow.

  • Works for organizations who initially want to upgrade security for a specific group – allowing card access regardless of whether an old or new reader is in use. 


Let us guide you into the newest technology for a more secure credential platform. Act now to make J. O’Brien your smarter security partner.
JOBrien Identity on Demand workflow
J. O’Brien’s Identity On Demand Project Workflow – Shows the process of how we create a custom ID card system for our customers.
HID® Reader with Custom Card J. O'Brien
You have the need, we have the knowhow – We will guide you every step of the way to ensure secure access control for your organization.
Progression of access control technology J. O'Brien
This chart shows the progression of access control technology from the 1960’s into today.

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J. O’Brien is the right choice for your access control technology upgrade. Our reputation for providing clients with the latest and greatest in card access platforms and security solutions along with our knowledgeable and trained staff make J. O’Brien a leader in the industry. Let us guide you in your efforts to achieve smarter security— make J. O’Brien your smarter security partner.