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Fargo DTC5500LMX

What Can The DTC5500LMX Do For Your Business?

Save Money on High Volume Print Jobs - Extreme Durability, PropritaryTechnology, Unrivaled Quality

  • Reliable, high volume performance
  • Low-cost, wasteless lamination 
  • Fastest lamination speed
  • Rugged, robust, durable

Fargo DTC5500LMX - Key Features


Wasteless Lamination

  • Only printer on the market with wasteless lamination
  • Save up to 50% on your printing cost
  • Reduced laminate waste allows for a 50% lower consumables cost
Dual Hopper.png

Dual Hopper

  • Dual hopper is standard on all DTC500LMX models
  • Hopper can hold and print up to 200 cards at a time
Wifi Module.png

Field Upgradeable Features

  • Add field upgradeable features at time of purchase or in the future
  • Field upgradeable features include: magnetic encoding, contact or contactless encoding, wifi, and physical locks for the hopper and consumables
45 resized v2.png

Quick System Uptime and Print Speed

  • Uses the newest iON (instant on) technology to heat up the printer
  • Heat up time 45 seconds, which is a 70% reduction time from other printers
  • Print time varies from 6 to 24 seconds depending on printer ribbon being used
Green circle 350.png


  • The world’s first Green Circle Certified wasteless lamination printer
  • Save up to 66% on energy savings
  • Eco-friendly printer ribbons can be used in the printer

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DTC5500LMX Resources


Click Here to download the DTC5500LMX Datasheet.

How To Videos

Video: How to setup the DTC5500LMX printer
Video: How to load a ribbon into the DTC5500LMX printer

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DTC5500LMX Printer Model Comparison Table

DTC5500LMX Standard Base Model

Straight on cropped.png

  • Direct-To-Card Print Method 
  • Wasteless Lamination 
  • Ion Technology 
  • Dual Hopper
  • Dual Laminating 
  • 300 DPI 
  • Field Upradeable Features
  • Warranty: Printer – 3 years; Printhead – 3 years

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Where does the DTC5500LMX fit into the family of FARGO DTC Printers?

This chart explains where DTC5500LMX fits into the family of Fargo printers

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