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Fargo DTC1500

Meet the Newest Direct-To-Card Printer in the HID® FARGO® Family

Economical, yet high volume-capable ID/card printing solution for cost-conscious organizations

  • Earth friendly
  • Highly versatile
  • Low-cost consumables
  • Innovative, built in security features

Fargo DTC1500 - Key Features

Watermark Overlay v1 (300h).png

Watermark Overlay

  • The only printer in the FARGO DTC printer family that can apply a custom, transparent watermark
  • Duplication is nearly impossible
  • Provides organizations with a cost-efficient way to increase card security without investing in holographic overlaminates or foil cards
Resin Threshold (300h).png

Resin Threshold

  • DTC1500 includes true K-panel printing. K-panel printing allows for information to be printed in a sharp black
  • Text and barcodes are darker and crisply defined. As a result, barcodes scan better
Resin Scramble (300h).png

Resin Scramble

  • Erase your resin printed data from the used ribbon
  • The DTC1500 will print from the K panel several times. Each time the printer uses the K panel, the panel will shift and scramble the personal information on the ribbon
Field Upgradeable Features- Lamination (300h).png

Field Upgradable Features

  • All DTC1500 printers include dual side printing capabilities. Dual printing can be activated at any time by activating the RFID tag
  • Additional field upgradable features: laminator, magnetic encoding, and contact or contactless encoding
Compatible (300h).png

Compatible W/Other Fargo DTC Printers

  • DTC5500LMX/4500e encoder modules are compatible with DTC1500 (Magnetic, contact, and contactless)
  • DTC4500e laminator modules are compatible with DTC1500

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DTC1500 Resources


Click Here to download the DTC1500 Datasheet.

How To Videos

Video: How to setup the DTC1500 printer
Video: How to load consumables into the DTC5500LMX printer
Video: How to Convert a Single Sided Printer to a Dual Sided
Video: How to Install the Magnetic Encoder
Video: How to Install OMNIKEY 5121 Contactless Encoder
Video: How to Do A Routine Printer Cleaning

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DTC1500 Printer Model Comparison Table

DTC1500 Standard Base Model

Standard base model.png

DTC1500 Standard Lamination Model

standard lamination model.png

  • Direct-To-Card Print Method 
  • Connect via USB or Ethernet
  • Single Side Printing
  • Custom Watermark Overlay 
  • Resin Threshold 
  • Resin Scramble
  • Field Upgradable Features
  • Direct-To-Card Print Method
  • Connect via USB or Ethernet
  • Single Side Printing 
  • Custom Watermark Overlay
  • Resin Threshold
  • Resin Scramble
  • Field Upgradable Features
  • Laminator module 

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Comparison Chart- Non-Laminator Models

Non Lam Comparison Chart- CTA v1.png

Comparison Chart- Laminator Models

Lam Comparison Chart- CTA v2.png

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Where Does the DTC1500 Fit Into the Family of FARGO DTC Printers?

This chart explains where DTC1500 fits into the family of Fargo printers

FARGO Printer Comparison by Market.png



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