Start your digital lobby journey today with HID Visitor Manager

  • Enable a touchless visitor experience and create a great first impression with our easy-to-use, cloud-based solution
  • Welcome visitors with flexible workflows and an intuitive experience, and take the administrative burden off your staff.
  • Make a great first impression and extend identity management beyond visitors to contractors and vendors
  • Our self-service kiosk and an intuitive user interface allow visitors to sign in with ease.
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See how HID Visitor Manager helps simplify and streamline  the visitor experience

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Streamline Your Visitor Check-in Process with HID Visitor Manager: See How It Works in Action!

A Welcoming Visitor Experience brought to you by HID Global and
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  • Reduce wait times with streamlined pre-registration and automated sign-in
  • Schedule and invite visitors directly from your staff’s Outlook calendar
  • Keep check-in short and simple - customize screening questions to your security needs or require additional approvals and checks
  • Automate and enforce compliance with visitor access integrations and policy-based registration across all locations
  • Tailor the solution to deliver a consistent brand experience – configurable elements include parts of the application, emails, badge designs, and kiosk
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Powering a Complete Visitor Experience

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Pre-Registration and check-in

Invite, register, and approve visitors in the self-service portal and automate visitor check-ins via kiosks.

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Notifications, Alerts, and Watchlists

Notify hosts when visitors check in/out and more via SMS or email. Check visitors against internal watchlists and adjudicate in advance.

real-time reporting_005 -

Real-Time Reporting

See how many visitors are in the facility and report on visit details and host activities.

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Configurable Workflows

Require health screenings and capture NDA and user-defined data during check-in.

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Access Integrations

Provision visitors directly into Physical Access Control Systems for streamlined access.

directory management_006 -

Directory Management

Automatically import user information and set up Single Sign-On with Identity Providers like Azure AD and Okta.

Health Screening Support for Visitors and Employees

Companies are adopting newer health practices to screen employees with daily wellness questions, touchless check-in experiences, reports on occupancy analytics, and contact tracing.

Use HID Visitor Manager to effectively manage workplace safety and security for visitors and employees.

Screen visitors and employees with daily wellness questions, report on facility occupancy, and more.

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Plan Ahead with Visitor Dashboards

Built-in dashboards are indispensable tools for facilities, reception, and security management. They aid in planning for busy periods, such as accommodating large groups or VIP guests, by offering predictive insights and facilitating the allocation of staff resources. In the event of security incidents, they enable swift responses, and coordination among stakeholders, and generate valuable post-incident reports for continuous improvement. In an ever-evolving security landscape, built-in dashboards are essential for enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of facility users.

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Extendable Across Access Control and IT Systems

HID Visitor Manager has agents and standards-based integrations with access control and identity management systems reducing administrative overhead. Examples of integrations and standards include:

Trusted, Tested, Vetted

HID Visitor Manager is regularly audited for security and compliance.
Our cloud-based platform exceeds industry standards with ISO27001 certification and is GDPR compliant.

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With experience from over 250 customers, HID draws on leading and best practices, standard operating procedures, and innovation opportunities to deliver a visitor management solution our customers can trust.
Customers also benefit from a vendor that evaluates its products, e.g., WorkforceID Visitor Manager, against key security standards and attestations covering application security, data privacy and protection, corporate governance, and software quality.

Supporting the Return-to-Work Transition With HID Visitor Manager

Explore how a front lobby marked by chaos and clutter was transformed thanks to these elements from HID Visitor Manager:

  • Extensive pre-registration capabilities
  • Professional, self-service check-ins with health screening
  • Intelligent reporting
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